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Amoonsky SC359 Series LED Video Processor: Pinnacle of Innovation in Digital Display Technology
Release time:2023-11-15

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital display technology, Amoonsky stands as a pioneering force driving the industry forward. The SC359 Series LED Video Processor, as its flagship product, not only breaks technological barriers but also initiates a revolutionary transformation in the domain of digital display.


Amoonsky's Technological Apex

The SC359 Series stands out for its outstanding technical features. Seamless switching, multi-screen processing, and 13-channel analog video input capabilities deliver an unparalleled audio-visual experience. Supporting various output resolutions, reaching a maximum of 11520 x 640@60Hz, positions it as a stellar performer in the realm of digital displays.


Performance Evaluation and Comparison

Compared to its counterparts, the SC359 Series surpasses performance expectations. With features like customizable resolutions of up to 7.95 million pixels and three-screen cross-channel roaming, it empowers users with enhanced flexibility and robust operational experiences. This remarkable performance advantage solidifies the SC359 Series as a benchmark in practical applications.


Application Cases and Scene Demonstrations

In scenarios ranging from large-scale events to commercial billboards, the SC359 Series displays its commanding prowess. Its stable performance and exceptional display quality have positioned it at the forefront of the industry. From a user perspective, this product not only delivers efficient screen processing capabilities but also enhances the ease of operation.


In-Depth Analysis of Product Features

The SC359 Series excels in its array of product functionalities. Beyond supporting multi-screen processing and cross-channel roaming, its extended features such as expanded SDI input and output, scene presets, one-click blackout/freeze, deliver unparalleled convenience to users. Furthermore, its support for multi-machine cascading and upper computer control further elevates its leading position in the digital display technology arena.



The Amoonsky SC359 Series LED Video Processor is more than just a product; it's a testament to Amoonsky's technological innovation. It embodies Amoonsky's excellence in technological research and innovation, signifying the future trajectory of the digital display domain. Amoonsky continues to spearhead the direction of digital display technology, promising users more surprises and innovations.

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