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Amoonsky 4-Screen Divider: Expanding Versatile Solutions for LED and LCD Displays
Release time:2023-11-16



Imagine a seamless transition between multiple screens, effortlessly managing and controlling various visual outputs. Amoonsky's 4-screen divider is the epitome of innovation, designed not only for LED display industries but also tailored to meet the dynamic needs of LCD display solutions. This cutting-edge technology brings forth a new era of visual display management, offering unparalleled flexibility and functionality in dividing, managing, and presenting content across four screens simultaneously. Whether it's an intricate LED display or an intricate LCD setup, this divider stands as a beacon of adaptability, promising a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for today's multifaceted display environments.

Amoonsky's 4-screen divider represents a groundbreaking leap in display management technology. Its versatility extends beyond the realms of LED displays, embracing the nuances of LCD screens, catering to the diverse needs of both industries. The capability to seamlessly manage four screens simultaneously provides an unparalleled edge in content presentation and control. This device isn't just a mere splitter; it's a holistic solution that embodies adaptability, enabling users to navigate between different display modes effortlessly. With functionalities like seamless switching and comprehensive audio-video synchronization, it becomes an indispensable tool in crafting dynamic visual experiences. Moreover, its compatibility with LCD screens further amplifies its utility, offering an all-encompassing solution for contemporary display scenarios, allowing for streamlined operations, enhanced visual impact, and simplified management across multiple platforms.

Product Features And Functionalities

Practical Video Input & Output Interfaces: The H4 integrates 4 HDMI video inputs and 1 HDMI output, supporting 4K resolution and HDCP compliance. This robust connectivity ensures seamless compatibility with various high-definition sources and displays, meeting the evolving demands of modern display technologies. Additionally, it supports four HDMI audio inputs, enabling independent audio output selection, synchronizing audio with video seamlessly. The option to choose audio input channels via remote control or enable one-touch mute further enhances user convenience.

Remote Control Functionality: Utilizing a 2.4G RF remote control, the device ensures extensive operational range and robust signal penetration, granting users flexibility and ease of use within various environments.

Quick Access Features: The device offers one-touch black screen and freeze-frame functionalities. During performances or presentations, the black screen feature swiftly halts image output when required, while the freeze-frame function allows the current image to be paused. This enables seamless transition between operational states, ensuring a smooth and professional presentation or performance.

Application Scenarios:

 The Amoonsky 4-screen splitter, with its versatile features, finds extensive utility across various industries. In the LED and LCD display sectors, it serves as a pivotal solution for diverse scenarios: 

Entertainment Venues: Ideal for entertainment venues like cinemas, auditoriums, and sports bars, where multiple screens or displays are required for synchronized content delivery. The device facilitates a unified control system for seamless content management across screens, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Commercial Displays: In commercial settings such as shopping malls, retail outlets, and exhibition spaces, the splitter enables simultaneous showcasing of different products or promotional content on multiple screens, attracting customer attention effectively.

 Professional Presentations: Perfect for corporate environments during presentations, conferences, or seminars, allowing presenters to project various visual aids simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive communication and audience engagement.

Command Centers: Utilized in command centers or surveillance rooms for monitoring critical information displayed on multiple screens, ensuring efficient monitoring and management of data streams.



The Amoonsky 4-screen splitter offers several key advantages:

Streamlined Operations: Enables users to manage multiple displays effortlessly through a single control unit, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing complexities in content distribution.

Enhanced Flexibility: Provides flexibility in content delivery and management, offering various display modes and seamless switching options for different applications.

Superior Image Quality: Maintains high-resolution output across all screens, ensuring a crisp and clear display of content without compromising on quality.

User-Friendly Functionality: With its intuitive remote control and quick-access features like one-touch black screen and freeze-frame, the device ensures user-friendly operation, facilitating hassle-free performance transitions.



In the ever-evolving landscape of display technology, the Amoonsky 4-screen splitter stands tall as a versatile solution catering to the diverse needs of the LED and LCD display industries. Its seamless integration, user-friendly features, and adaptability across various applications make it an indispensable asset.

With its capability to synchronize multiple screens effortlessly, this device not only simplifies content management but also enhances the overall visual experience in numerous scenarios. Whether it's in entertainment arenas, commercial spaces, corporate settings, or surveillance hubs, the Amoonsky 4-screen splitter delivers unparalleled performance and operational ease.

Amoonsky, committed to innovation and excellence, continues to redefine the boundaries of display solutions. The 4-screen splitter represents our dedication to empowering businesses and professionals with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to achieve optimal efficiency and visual impact in their respective domains.


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