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Revolutionizing Display Control: AMS-MTX_4*4 by Amoonsky Leading the Visual Future
Release time:2023-11-17



In an era where visual experiences dominate our technological landscape, the role of display control stands as a critical cornerstone. Companies like Amoonsky continually push the boundaries, introducing innovative solutions that redefine how we interact with visual content. Enter the AMS-MTX_4*4, a multifaceted marvel meticulously crafted to transform the LED and LCD display industry. This pinnacle of technological prowess seamlessly integrates video capture, matrix configuration, screen segmentation, and display splicing functionalities. Its adaptability allows for effortless manipulation via remote control, offering an unparalleled level of control over video imagery. As technology propels us into a world of heightened visual demand, the AMS-MTX_4*4 emerges as a beacon of precision and versatility, reshaping the landscape of display technology as we know it.

The AMS-MTX_4*4 by Amoonsky embodies a groundbreaking shift in the realm of display control. Its comprehensive array of features not only meets but exceeds the demands of the LED and LCD display industry. By amalgamating video capture, matrix configuration, screen segmentation, and display splicing, this multifunctional controller redefines the norms of visual management. Its capability to seamlessly transition between functions via remote control reflects a user-centric design ethos, catering to diverse needs across sectors. The device's adaptability, offering precise control and real-time manipulation, fosters an environment where creativity flourishes. In essence, the AMS-MTX_4*4 serves as an industry pioneer, driving innovation and setting new standards for display technology, propelling us into an era of heightened visual possibilities.

Functionality Overview:

The AMS-MTX_4*4 stands as a paragon of versatility and innovation in the domain of display controllers. Let's delve into its diverse functionalities:

Practical Video Interface:

With its four HDMI video inputs and outputs, supporting 4K resolution and HDCP, the AMS-MTX_4*4 seamlessly connects with modern display technology. This capability caters to the evolving needs of high-resolution content and stringent security protocols.

Remote Control and Quick Operations:

Utilizing infrared remote control, this device facilitates quick and efficient command execution. The infrared receiver extension ensures adaptable control as per specific setup requirements.

One-Key Functions:

During performances or presentations, the one-key black screen function swiftly disables image output, providing instant blackout. Similarly, the one-key freeze function halts the current frame, akin to a "pause" feature during playback.

Screen Rotation and Brightness Adjustment:

To accommodate various splicing needs, the AMS-MTX_4*4 offers 180-degree rotation of the output image. Moreover, its 32-level brightness adjustment ensures optimal visual experience across diverse environments.

Audio Synchronization and Muting:

This device synchronizes HDMI audio-video outputs and features an independent audio output interface. Users can also selectively mute audio with a single click.


Functional Insights:

Video Capture: The ability to perform real-time HDMI video capture via Output 4 facilitates HD recording, teaching demonstrations, and medical imaging, compatible with software like VLA, OBS, and Amcap, and across Windows, Android, and MacOS systems.

Matrix Configuration: The AMS-MTX_4*4 seamlessly switches any input channel to any output channel, supporting real-time signal routing via remote control or button toggling.

Screen Segmentation: Offering various screen segmentation modes, including dual-screen and quad-screen, with specific output channel configurations.

Display Splicing: Facilitating image signal division for multiple display units, enabling configurations like 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way splicing, further maximizing utilization through the matrix functionality.


The AMS-MTX_4*4 presents an evolutionary leap in the realm of LED and LCD display applications, promising versatile solutions that cater to a myriad of industry demands. In the LED display sphere, this multifunctional controller acts as the linchpin, ensuring seamless video manipulation and image processing in scenarios ranging from large-scale outdoor billboards to creative retail displays. For instance, in a recent deployment for a city-wide advertising campaign, the AMS-MTX_4*4 facilitated synchronized content management across multiple LED screens, enabling synchronized playback and impactful visual storytelling.

Similarly, within the LCD display domain, the AMS-MTX_4*4 emerges as an indispensable tool. In a corporate setting, its matrix configuration and screen segmentation capabilities facilitated dynamic data visualization across multiple LCD screens during presentations, enhancing engagement and comprehension among the audience. Moreover, within the burgeoning smart home industry, the device's ability to support screen rotation and real-time manipulation has been instrumental. It seamlessly integrates with various LCD panels, allowing homeowners to configure personalized display setups for home automation, creating immersive and intuitive user experiences.

The innovative prowess of the AMS-MTX_4*4 lies not only in its technological sophistication but also in its adaptability to diverse industry needs. As LED and LCD displays continue to evolve, this controller stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a versatile and practical solution that not only meets but anticipates the dynamic demands of the display industry.


The AMS-MTX_4*4 epitomizes Amoonsky's unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements within the realm of visual technology. This innovative controller stands as a testament to Amoonsky's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize how we perceive and interact with displays. By seamlessly amalgamating state-of-the-art functionalities, the AMS-MTX_4*4 not only redefines the standards of LED and LCD display control but also echoes Amoonsky's ethos of relentless innovation and user-focused design. As Amoonsky continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the industry, the AMS-MTX_4*4 stands as a beacon of the company's pursuit of excellence in reshaping the future of visual experiences.

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