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Amoonsky Innovates Audio&Video Connectivity: Introducing AMS-HE200 Network HDMI Extender
Release time:2023-11-24


In a world constantly evolving towards high-definition multimedia experiences, the need for robust audio-visual connectivity has never been more crucial. AMS-HE200, Amoonsky's pioneering Network HDMI Transmitter & Receiver, emerges as a solution redefining the landscape of Audio&Video networks. This innovative system, also known as the 200M KVM IP Extender, promises to transcend conventional limitations, offering a seamless, reliable, and extended reach for HDMI audio-video signals.

From streaming high-quality content across vast distances to supporting multiple signal transmission modes, AMS-HE200 encapsulates the essence of cutting-edge technology. Its ability to effortlessly bridge devices with pure hardware design signifies a significant leap in Audio&Video connectivity, eliminating complexities often associated with software-based systems. With HDMI1.3, HDCP1.1/1.2 support, synchronized audio-video output, and USB peripherals extension, this powerhouse heralds a new era in Audio&Video networking.

The AMS-HE200 stands as a testament to Amoonsky's commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored for modern audio-visual demands. Its prowess lies not only in its technical finesse but also in its practicality, revolutionizing how we perceive and utilize Audio&Video networks. By facilitating extended-range HDMI transmissions with unparalleled clarity and stability, this transcendent device holds the potential to redefine home entertainment setups, professional audio-visual environments, and industrial applications.

Moreover, AMS-HE200's role extends beyond mere functionality; it symbolizes a paradigm shift in Audio&Video connectivity, setting new benchmarks for future advancements in the industry. Its seamless integration, robust capabilities, and support for diverse applications reflect Amoonsky's dedication to elevating Audio&Video networking experiences, making the impossible possible in the realm of high-definition audio-visual connectivity.


Technical Features Deep Dive:

Advanced Signal Transmission: The AMS-HE200, known as the Network HDMI Transmitter & Receiver, showcases an exceptional capacity for signal transmission via CAT5e/6 cables, extending up to an impressive 200 meters. This extensive reach allows for high-definition audio-video signals to trAudio&Videoerse considerable distances without compromising on quality.

Versatile Signal Modes: Notably, the AMS-HE200 offers versatile signal transmission modes, supporting both one-to-one and point-to-multipoint setups, broadening its applications across diverse environments. With the capacity to connect up to 128 signal points via a switch, this device greatly enhances connectivity options for extensive Audio&Video network deployments.

Pure Hardware Design: AMS-HE200's pure hardware design simplifies its setup, offering a plug-and-play experience. Its automatic signal source and display device matching capability streamline integration, eliminating the need for complex software configurations. This user-centric approach reduces installation complexities and enhances operational efficiency in various audio-visual setups.

Comprehensive Compatibility: Supporting HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.1/1.2, AMS-HE200 ensures compatibility with a wide array of audio-video devices, guaranteeing seamless connectivity and transmission of high-definition content. Its synchronized audio-video output and individual audio interfaces offer enhanced flexibility, catering to diverse audio-visual system requirements.

KVM and Enhanced Compression Techniques: The device's integrated KVM functionality empowers users with USB mouse and keyboard extension control, facilitating convenient remote operations. Leveraging H.264 digital video compression technology and an embedded automatic balance algorithm, AMS-HE200 optimizes transmission efficiency, ensuring smooth, clear, and stable audio-visual playback.

Diverse Application Scenarios:

Enhanced Home Entertainment: AMS-HE200 revolutionizes home entertainment by enabling seamless transmission of high-definition content across various rooms. Whether streaming movies in a home theater setup or mirroring multimedia content in different spaces, this device ensures consistent audio-visual quality, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Professional Audio&Video Environments: In professional settings such as conference rooms or lecture halls, AMS-HE200 offers unparalleled versatility. It effortlessly extends audio-visual signals to multiple displays, enabling dynamic presentations or collaborative discussions. Its compatibility with diverse devices and stable transmission ensures uninterrupted communication, amplifying the impact of visual content.

Industrial Applications: Beyond conventional setups, AMS-HE200 finds utility in industrial sectors. With its extended range and robust transmission, it aids in surveillance systems, providing clear and stable monitoring across expansive industrial complexes. Additionally, its integration capabilities with various industrial equipment enhance operational efficiency, ensuring reliable communication within industrial workflows.

Educational Integration: Within educational settings, AMS-HE200 contributes significantly by extending audio-visual content across classrooms or campus-wide displays. It facilitates interactive learning experiences, allowing seamless sharing of multimedia resources, and fostering engaging educational environments conducive to collaborative learning.

User Experience Feedback:

Seamless Integration: Users applaud the AMS-HE200 for its seamless integration within various audio-visual setups. The device's plug-and-play nature and automatic signal synchronization significantly reduce installation complexities, streamlining the process for both technical experts and novices alike.

Stability and Clarity: Positive feedback highlights the device's ability to maintain stable and clear audio-visual transmissions. Users across different industries and setups consistently praise the AMS-HE200 for delivering uninterrupted signals, ensuring consistent picture quality and minimal latency.

Enhanced Flexibility: The device's support for multiple signal transmission modes receives acclaim for its adaptability to diverse user requirements. Users appreciate its ability to effortlessly switch between one-to-one and point-to-multipoint setups, catering to the varied connectivity needs across different scenarios.

Simplified Control: Users value the integrated KVM functionality, particularly the ease of controlling USB peripherals remotely. This feature enhances convenience, enabling efficient control of connected devices across extended distances, thereby simplifying operations in various setups. 




the AMS-HE200 by Amoonsky marks a significant leap in the realm of audio-visual connectivity. Its innovative design, extending beyond traditional limitations, offers unparalleled transmission capabilities, enabling high-definition signals to trAudio&Videoerse extensive distances without compromising quality. The device's versatile signal modes, seamless integration, and robust compatibility underscore its adaptability across diverse settings, revolutionizing home entertainment, professional environments, industrial sectors, and educational institutions alike.

Moreover, the user feedback emphasizing its seamless integration, stable transmissions, enhanced flexibility, and simplified control mechanisms stands testament to its efficacy. AMS-HE200 doesn't just bridge devices; it establishes an advanced conduit for uninterrupted, high-quality audio-visual experiences, elevating connectivity standards across various domains.

With the AMS-HE200, Amoonsky redefines what's possible in the realm of Audio&Video networking, setting new benchmarks for reliability, clarity, and user-centric design. This cutting-edge device isn't merely a transmitter and receiver; it's an enabler of immersive, seamless, and transformative audio-visual connectivity experiences.

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