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Beyond Cables: AMS-WE100P HDMI Transmitter Revolutionizes HD, Empowered by Amoonsky
Release time:2023-11-24


In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the pursuit of unparalleled high-definition visual experiences remains a pivotal objective. The progression of display technology has propelled us into the vanguard of a wireless era. Enter the AMS-WE100P HDMI Wireless Transmitter&Receiver by Amoonsky, alternatively known as the AMS-WE100P Wireless HDMI Extender - an innovation poised to redefine our comprehension of high-definition content transmission. This device marks a paradigm shift, liberating high-definition video and audio from the tethers of traditional cables and wires.

Modern visual engagement thrives on seamless and immersive viewing experiences. With the AMS-WE100P, Amoonsky propels us into a domain where wires no longer dictate our visual aspirations. The capability to wirelessly transmit high-definition audio and video up to 200 meters signifies not just a technological milestone, but a fundamental shift in how we perceive and consume multimedia content. Whether catering to home entertainment enthusiasts seeking unblemished clarity or catering to business professionals striving for unparalleled presentation quality, this transmitter serves as a gateway to a realm unrestricted by physical connections.


Product Introduction:

The AMS-WE100P HDMI Wireless Transmitter&Receiver by Amoonsky, alternatively referred to as the AMS-WE100P Wireless HDMI Extender, epitomizes innovation in high-definition content transmission. This device represents a cutting-edge solution that transcends the limitations of conventional wired setups, allowing users to seamlessly transmit high-definition audio and video signals wirelessly over significant distances, up to 200 meters.

Featuring a seamless integration of both a transmitter and receiver in one compact unit, the AMS-WE100P offers unparalleled versatility. The unit is equipped with the latest dual-band (2.4G+5G) wireless transmission technology, ensuring robust and interference-free signal transmission.

With its robust hardware design, the AMS-WE100P demands no additional software configurations, simplifying installation and ensuring hassle-free operation. This HDMI transmitter supports HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.1/1.2, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide array of devices and ensuring the integrity of the transmitted content.

Moreover, the AMS-WE100P HDMI Transmitter&Receiver comes equipped with a range of features, including audio-video synchronization, independent audio interfaces, and built-in KVM functionality. This enables users to extend control with USB mouse and keyboard support, elevating user convenience and expanding the possibilities of remote operations.


Wireless Transmission Technology:

The AMS-WE100P leverages cutting-edge wireless transmission technology to redefine the boundaries of high-definition content transmission. It operates on a dual-band frequency (2.4G+5G) spectrum, ensuring robust connectivity and minimizing interference for seamless and high-fidelity signal transmission.

This advanced transmission technology enables users to wirelessly transmit high-definition audio and video signals with remarkable stability and clarity. The dual-band feature optimizes signal strength and reliability, allowing the AMS-WE100P to navigate through potential signal congestions and deliver a consistent, uninterrupted streaming experience.

The incorporation of dual-band wireless transmission technology in the AMS-WE100P not only extends the range and reliability of wireless transmission but also ensures compatibility with a wide array of devices. It provides users with a versatile and dependable solution for transmitting high-definition content wirelessly across various settings, from home entertainment systems to professional business environments.

Technical Specifications and Features:

High-definition Transmission: The AMS-WE100P HDMI Wireless Transmitter&Receiver supports the transmission of high-definition audio and video signals wirelessly, ensuring uncompromised visual and audio quality.

Dual-band Wireless Technology: Operating on a dual-band frequency (2.4G+5G), it optimizes signal strength and minimizes interference, guaranteeing robust connectivity and stable transmission.

Extended Range: Capable of wirelessly transmitting signals up to 200 meters, it provides flexibility in various environments without compromising signal quality.

Hardware-driven Design: Its hardware-centric design eliminates the need for additional software configuration, simplifying installation and ensuring hassle-free operation.

HDMI Compatibility: Supporting HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.1/1.2, it ensures compatibility with a wide range of HDMI devices, maintaining signal integrity during transmission.

Audio-Video Synchronization: The transmitter offers synchronized audio-video transmission, providing an immersive multimedia experience.

KVM Functionality: Equipped with built-in KVM functionality, it allows for USB mouse and keyboard extension, enabling remote control over connected devices.

Independent Audio Interfaces: Providing separate audio output interfaces, it ensures flexibility in audio configurations and enhances audio output options.

Seamless Integration: Combining a transmitter and receiver in a single unit, it offers versatile and integrated high-definition signal transmission.

Application Scenarios and Advantages:

Home Entertainment: The AMS-WE100P Wireless HDMI Extender is an ideal solution for home theaters, enabling users to wirelessly transmit high-definition content from media players, gaming consoles, or set-top boxes to their TVs or projectors without the clutter of cables.

Business Presentations: In professional settings, this device simplifies presentations by wirelessly transmitting content from laptops or presentation systems to large screens or projectors, fostering a clutter-free and dynamic presentation environment.

Education and Training: Facilitating educational institutions or corporate training rooms, the AMS-WE100P ensures seamless and high-quality transmission of educational content or training modules to larger displays without compromising quality.

Commercial Display Systems: It caters to commercial settings like retail stores, hospitality, or public venues, allowing for the transmission of promotional content or digital signage to multiple displays simultaneously, enhancing customer engagement.

Security and Monitoring: In security applications, this transmitter enables the wireless transmission of surveillance footage or video feeds from cameras to monitoring stations, simplifying setup and installation.


Wireless Convenience: Eliminates the constraints of physical cables, providing flexibility in device placement and setup.

Enhanced Mobility: Facilitates hassle-free device mobility without compromising on signal quality or resolution.

Cost-effective Solution: Reduces the need for complex wiring installations, lowering infrastructure costs.

Compatibility and Integration: Seamlessly integrates with various HDMI devices, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different setups.

Reliable Performance: Dual-band wireless technology ensures robust connectivity and stable transmission even in challenging signal environments.



In essence, the AMS-WE100P HDMI Wireless Transmitter&Receiver stands as a testament to Amoonsky's commitment to innovative solutions in high-definition content transmission. Its seamless integration of cutting-edge wireless technology and versatile functionality reflects Amoonsky's dedication to delivering superior quality, reliability, and convenience. Embracing this wireless revolution signifies not just a leap in technology but also a testament to Amoonsky's pledge to empower users with solutions that transcend boundaries, setting new standards in high-definition content transmission.

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