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Breaking Barriers: Amoonsky's 4K HDMI Extender Redefines High-Definition Connectivity
Release time:2023-11-24


In the ever-evolving landscape of audio-visual technology, the quest for high-definition connectivity has been relentless. Enter the AMS-HE120, an ingenious creation by Amoonsky, propelling the realms of AV transmission into a new era. This 4K HDMI single-cable extender stands as a testament to innovation, transcending the limitations of conventional HDMI extension.

AMS-HE120 not only extends high-definition audio and video signals but represents a paradigm shift in the industry. With an astounding reach of up to 120 meters through CAT5e/6 cables, it redefines possibilities, enabling seamless transmission from DVD players, computers, and other devices. Its integration of cutting-edge technologies, combined with Amoonsky's commitment to user-centric design, sets a new benchmark for AV extenders.

This introduction aims to unravel the technological prowess and user-centric approach embodied in the AMS-HE120, showcasing its pivotal role in revolutionizing how we perceive and engage with high-definition connectivity.


Product features and functionalities:

   4K Input and Output Support The hallmark feature of the AMS-HE120 is its steadfast support for 4K input and output. This cutting-edge extender from Amoonsky boasts unparalleled compatibility with 4K resolution, delivering crystal-clear imagery and immersive soundscapes. With 4K resolution rapidly becoming the industry standard for high-definition content, AMS-HE120 ensures seamless transmission of these visually captivating and detail-rich signals.This capability sets the stage for an unparalleled audio-visual experience, bringing forth a level of clarity and vibrancy that redefines the viewing and listening encounter. Whether it's the vivid landscapes of Ultra HD visuals or the nuanced sounds of 4K audio, AMS-HE120 harnesses this technological advancement, presenting users with an unparalleled feast for the senses.

Hardware-Driven DesignOne of the distinguishing facets of the AMS-HE120 lies in its hardware-driven design philosophy. Amoonsky has meticulously crafted this extender with a primary emphasis on hardware functionality, bypassing software complexities. This approach ensures plug-and-play simplicity, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the device into their AV setups without the hassle of additional software configurations.The pure hardware architecture not only streamlines installation but also enhances reliability and stability. By eliminating software dependencies, AMS-HE120 guarantees consistent performance, reducing the risk of system crashes or compatibility issues. This robust hardware foundation serves as the cornerstone for the extender's user-friendly experience and long-term operational stability.

Audio-Visual Synchronization and Separate Audio InterfaceThe AMS-HE120 takes pride in its impeccable synchronization of audio and video signals, ensuring a harmonious output experience. This extender synchronizes audio and video streams flawlessly, eliminating any potential discrepancies or lags between the two, thereby delivering a seamless, synchronized playback.In addition to this synchronization, the provision of a separate audio interface stands as a testament to the extender's adaptability. This dedicated audio interface allows users to channel audio independently, providing the flexibility to manage and optimize audio settings according to specific preferences. It empowers users to fine-tune their audio experiences without compromising the integrity of the video stream, offering a personalized and immersive audio engagement.The meticulous attention to detail in audio-visual synchronization and the provision of an independent audio interface amplifies the AMS-HE120's versatility and user-customizable options, catering to a spectrum of preferences and applications.

Local Loop-Out Monitoring at Transmitter EndThe AMS-HE120's feature of local loop-out monitoring at the transmitter end is a testament to its adaptability and user-centric design. This functionality allows users to locally monitor the transmission at the source, providing a real-time glimpse of the content being transmitted.The local loop-out monitoring feature empowers users with the ability to verify the signal quality before it reaches the display end. This not only serves as a means of troubleshooting but also ensures an additional layer of quality control. Users can proactively detect any anomalies or distortions in the transmitted signal, allowing for immediate adjustments or corrective actions if necessary.By offering this monitoring capability at the transmitter end, AMS-HE120 enhances the user's control over the transmission process, ensuring seamless, high-quality signal delivery from the source to the display.

Expandable KVM FunctionalityAMS-HE120's expandable KVM functionality, known as AMS-HE120_K, stands as a cornerstone of versatility and user convenience. This feature empowers users with the capability to extend control beyond mere video and audio transmission.The expandable KVM functionality facilitates the integration of USB peripherals such as keyboards and mice, extending control to these devices over the same transmission path. It enables users to operate and manage multiple devices remotely, streamlining workflows and enhancing operational efficiency.Furthermore, AMS-HE120_K caters to diverse usage scenarios, including industrial settings, control rooms, and multimedia setups where simultaneous management of audio-visual systems alongside peripheral devices is paramount. The seamless integration of KVM functionality not only streamlines operations but also amplifies the extender's adaptability across various industries and applications.Through this expandable KVM capability, AMS-HE120 ensures a holistic approach to user control and management, offering an all-encompassing solution for AV transmission and peripheral device control.

Digital Video Compression Technology and Automatic Balancing AlgorithmThe AMS-HE120 integrates state-of-the-art digital video compression technology and an automatic balancing algorithm, underscoring its commitment to efficient signal transmission and quality optimization.The digital video compression technology employed within AMS-HE120 optimizes data transmission without compromising on quality. By efficiently compressing video data, it maintains high-definition visuals while minimizing bandwidth utilization, ensuring smooth and lag-free transmission even over extended distances.Moreover, the automatic balancing algorithm is a key element in ensuring consistent signal integrity. It actively monitors and adjusts signal parameters, compensating for environmental interferences or signal degradation that may occur during transmission. This dynamic adjustment guarantees a stable and clear signal output, mitigating potential disruptions and ensuring an uninterrupted viewing or working experience.The synergy between digital video compression and automatic balancing algorithms in the AMS-HE120 reinforces its position as a reliable and adaptable solution, delivering high-quality signals consistently across diverse scenarios.

User Experience Sharing:

The user experience with AMS-HE120 transcends mere functionality; it embodies a seamless amalgamation of ease, adaptability, and reliability. Users have consistently lauded the extender for its effortless setup, enabled by its plug-and-play functionality. The absence of intricate configurations or software installations simplifies the deployment process, catering to both novice and seasoned users alike.

Beyond its simplistic installation, AMS-HE120 assures an uninterrupted and consistent signal transmission. Users across various industries have attested to its reliability, highlighting its ability to maintain high-definition signal quality without interruptions or signal degradation, ensuring a continuous and immersive experience.

Moreover, the extender's intuitive interface and user-friendly controls contribute significantly to a positive user experience. The integration of KVM functionalities further amplifies its usability, enabling users to seamlessly manage multiple devices from a centralized interface, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

AMS-HE120's user-centric design, coupled with its reliability and adaptability, culminates in a user experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a benchmark for AV extenders in today's dynamic technological landscape.

Diverse Application Scenarios:

The versatility of AMS-HE120 extends across a spectrum of scenarios, catering to diverse industry needs. In corporate environments, this extender finds its place within boardrooms and conference setups, facilitating seamless presentations and video conferencing. Its ability to transmit high-definition signals with uncompromised quality ensures a professional and engaging visual experience.

Within educational settings, AMS-HE120 serves as an indispensable tool for classrooms and lecture halls, enabling educators to deliver crisp, high-quality content to students without disruptions. Its user-friendly interface simplifies operations, allowing educators to focus on imparting knowledge effectively.

In industrial applications, the extender's robust design withstands demanding conditions, enabling reliable signal transmission across manufacturing floors or control rooms. The local loop-out monitoring feature allows for real-time surveillance, ensuring operational continuity and swift response to any signal anomalies.

Moreover, in the entertainment domain, AMS-HE120 contributes to creating immersive audio-visual experiences in home theaters or gaming setups. Its support for 4K resolution and seamless audio transmission amplifies the entertainment quotient, delivering cinematic experiences in the comfort of one's home.

The AMS-HE120's adaptability across varied scenarios underscores its prowess as a versatile solution, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments while consistently delivering high-quality audio-visual experiences.



In the landscape of modern AV technology, the AMS-HE120 stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability. Its seamless integration of cutting-edge features such as high-definition signal transmission, expandable KVM functionality, and robust hardware design defines a new standard in audio-visual extenders.

With its diverse applications spanning corporate settings, education, industrial environments, and entertainment domains, the AMS-HE120 epitomizes versatility and reliability. It not only ensures consistent and high-quality signal transmission but also empowers users across industries to elevate their audio-visual experiences to new heights.

At Amoonsky, our commitment to pioneering solutions reflects in every aspect of the AMS-HE120, setting a benchmark for reliability, adaptability, and immersive user experiences. Embrace the future of AV transmission with the AMS-HE120, where innovation meets reliability.

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