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Pioneering LED Control Solutions: AMS-VS400 Redefines Display Management Standards with Cutting-Edge Innovations
Release time:2023-11-25



The realm of LED displays has evolved exponentially, becoming an indispensable part of modern visual communication. Amidst this revolution, the pivotal role played by video controllers cannot be overstated. They serve as the backbone, orchestrating the symphony of pixels that form vivid, immersive visual experiences.

In this context, the AMS-VS400 emerges as a trailblazing force, redefining the boundaries of LED display control. Developed by Amoonsky, a frontrunner in LED technology innovation, the AMS-VS400 represents a leap forward in display management. Its integration of cutting-edge functionalities and seamless operability marks a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with LED displays.

The AMS-VS400 stands as a testament to innovation in LED control technology, offering a multifaceted approach to enhancing display experiences. Its pivotal features encompass a diverse array of functionalities that redefine the dynamics of LED display management.

The foundation of AMS-VS400's excellence lies in its multiple video input channels, catering to various input sources with unparalleled flexibility. The seamless switching capabilities between these channels ensure uninterrupted display transitions, providing users with an uninterrupted and immersive visual journey.

Moreover, the output interface, equipped with a DVI port and RJ45 network ports, facilitates an efficient and tailored output, enabling videos to be precisely programmed for LED display. This adaptability extends further with the AMS-VS400 supporting multiple output resolutions, accommodating a spectrum of display configurations.

Additionally, the AMS-VS400's support for audio synchronization output and advanced functionalities like key lock features and mode presets underscores its commitment to comprehensive user convenience and system security.


Product features and functionalities:

Multiple Video Input -- VS400 series uses 5 channels of video input, including 1 composite video AV (CVBS), 1 channel VGA, 1 channel DVI, 1 channel HDMI, 1 channel USB. Basically, the needs for civil and industrial use have been covered. Seamless switching of all video input. 

Video Output Interface -- VS400 series has 1 DVI video output,the port can videos programmed output to LED sending card or display. and has 4 RJ45 network port. The network port is the built-in the sending card MSD600 output port.

Seamless Switching Of Any Channel -- VS400 series Video Controller can also seamlessly switch between any channels, switch quickly.

Output Resolution -- VS400 series has designed a number of practical output resolutions for users. The widest is 3840 points, the highest is 1920 points. Applicable to a variety of dot matrix displays. Up to 10 output resolutions are available for user selection and can be adjusted point-to-point output.

Support Audio Sync Output -- VS400 series has 1 channel audio output, audio and video synchronized output.

One Key Black Or Freeze -- VS400 series has BLACK features, after setting, press the BLACK button directly to achieve black screen or screen freeze.

Key Lock Function -- VS400 series has key lock function,open Keypad lock , during use,can effectively prevent misuse and other situations,provides a favorable guarantee for the use of the process. 

Mode Saved And Recalled -- VS400 series adopts 10 sets of user presets. Each set of user presets can store all user setting parameters, and can realize parameter backup and on-site calling functions <require to enter system menu enable>. 

Unique Brightness Adjustment Technology -- VS400 series has a built-in unique brightness adjustment function, which solves the problem of loss of layering after reducing the brightness, making the color reproduction more realistic. 

Real-time Storage Technology -- The ready-to-use technology solves the user's cumbersome setup and manual storage process, that is, the user does not need to perform manual save operation after adjusting or adjusting parameters. VS400 series automatically stores the user parameters in the EEPROM, even after the power is turned off, The previous parameters remain in the device. 

ACC ACM Image Filtering -- VS400 series uses ACC and ACM image filtering engines. When processing each color, the nonlinear filtering effect minimizes image loss and restores color realism.


Multiple Application Scenarios:

The AMS-VS400, with its diverse functionalities, finds application across a multitude of industries and settings. Let’s delve into some key domains where its versatility shines: 

Entertainment Arenas: In stadiums and entertainment venues, the AMS-VS400 orchestrates mesmerizing visuals. Whether it's live events, concerts, or sports matches, its seamless channel switching and high-resolution output elevate the spectator experience.

Commercial Displays: From retail outlets to corporate boardrooms, the AMS-VS400 seamlessly handles diverse content for advertising, brand displays, or presentations. Its adaptability in resolution ensures crisp and engaging visuals tailored to specific marketing needs.

Industrial Control: Within control rooms and manufacturing facilities, this controller streamlines monitoring systems. Its ability to handle multiple video inputs and provide precise output resolution aids in real-time monitoring and process control. 

Broadcasting and Studios: In broadcasting setups and studio environments, the AMS-VS400 shines. Its synced audio and video output, along with its image processing capabilities, ensure impeccable content delivery for television broadcasts, streaming, and studio productions.

Transportation Hubs: Airports, train stations, and transportation centers benefit from the AMS-VS400’s capabilities. Its ability to seamlessly switch between multiple inputs and maintain high-resolution output assists in displaying essential information and advertisements to travelers.

Educational Settings: From classrooms to lecture halls, the AMS-VS400 facilitates dynamic visual learning experiences. Its ability to handle various video sources and resolutions supports interactive teaching methods and multimedia presentations.



In the world of LED display control, the AMS-VS400 stands tall as an exemplar of innovation and adaptability. Its array of features, from versatile video inputs to seamless channel switching and advanced image processing, presents a paradigm shift in user experience and technological prowess.

As technology strides forward, the AMS-VS400 remains a beacon of reliability and versatility. It encapsulates the essence of user-centric design, offering not just functionality but also ease of use and security, making it an indispensable tool across various industries.

With its ability to effortlessly handle diverse video sources, maintain impeccable image quality, and provide a user-friendly interface, the AMS-VS400 isn’t just a controller; it’s a catalyst for creating vivid, immersive visual experiences.

In a nutshell, the AMS-VS400 from Amoonsky isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to technological ingenuity, setting new benchmarks and redefining possibilities in LED display control.

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