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Empower Your Displays: Unveiling AMS-VS200, Amoonsky's Advanced 5-Channel LED Video Controller
Release time:2023-11-25



In the domain of visual innovation, where every pixel contributes to a captivating tapestry of art and information, Amoonsky unveils the AMS-VS200 5 Channel LED Video Controller. Harnessing the expertise in state-of-the-art LED technology, this product represents a stride into unexplored realms of display control. Crafted for trailblazers in pursuit of unparalleled brilliance in LED displays, the AMS-VS200 redefines the fundamental nature of visual communication.


Product features and functionalities:

Multiple Video Input: The VS200 series integrates 5 channels of video input, encompassing 1 composite video AV (CVBS), 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 USB port. This comprehensive selection caters to both civil and industrial requisites, enabling seamless transitions between all video inputs.

Video Output Interface: Featuring a solitary DVI video output port, the VS200 series facilitates programmed video output to LED sending cards or displays. It also accommodates 2 or 4 RJ45 network ports, depending on the customer's preference, with the option to integrate 1 or 2 units of MSD300/TS802D standard sending cards.

Seamless Switching Of Any Channel: The VS200 series Video Controller effortlessly navigates between various channels, ensuring swift transitions between inputs.

Output Resolution: Designed with a spectrum of practical output resolutions, the VS200 series caters to diverse user requirements, ranging from 1920 points to 1080 points. This versatility extends compatibility to various dot matrix displays, offering up to 10 output resolution choices, allowing for point-to-point adjustment.

Support Audio Sync Output: Featuring a single channel for audio output, the VS200 series synchronizes audio and video outputs seamlessly.

One Key Black Or Freeze: Enabling the BLACK feature, the VS200 series allows for instantaneous black screen or screen freeze with a single press of the dedicated button, streamlining operation.

Key Lock Function: Incorporating a key lock function, the VS200 series ensures security during use, preventing misuse or unauthorized access, enhancing operational reliability.

Mode Saved And Recalled: With 10 sets of user presets, the VS200 series stores all user setting parameters, facilitating parameter backup and on-site recall functions (system menu access required).

Unique Brightness Adjustment Technology: The VS200 series integrates a proprietary brightness adjustment feature, addressing issues of layering loss post-brightness reduction, enhancing color reproduction for a more realistic visual experience.

Real-time Storage Technology: Streamlining user experience, the VS200 series implements automatic parameter storage in the EEPROM, eliminating the need for manual save operations. Even after power-off, the device retains previously configured parameters.

ACC ACM Image Filtering: Utilizing ACC and ACM image filtering engines, the VS200 series minimizes image loss and restores color realism by employing nonlinear filtering effects in processing each color.

Multiple Application Scenarios:

Commercial BillboardsIn the domain of commercial billboards, the AMS-VS200 excels in seamless switching capabilities, offering precise and high-quality advertisement displays for diverse commercial settings. Its support for multiple output resolutions and synchronized audio-video output caters to varying scales and requirements of advertising displays.

Event ShowcasesFor various event showcases, the rapid switching capabilities of the AMS-VS200 simplify the presentation of diverse content in large-scale event venues. Supporting multiple video input interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, it meets the demand for flexible switching of different content on-site.

LED DisplaysIn the realm of LED displays, the AMS-VS200 exhibits strong compatibility with a wide range of LED screens. Its unique brightness adjustment technology effectively tackles issues of layer loss post brightness adjustments, ensuring color reproduction authenticity.

Other Scene ApplicationsMoreover, the AMS-VS200 finds extensive application in conference presentations, digital exhibitions, mall billboards, outdoor screens, and more. Its flexible output resolutions and efficient signal switching capabilities provide technical support and operational convenience for video displays in diverse scenarios.

User Experience Insights:

Stability and Ease of UseUser feedback on the AMS-VS200 often highlights its stability and ease of use. Across various scenarios, users appreciate its stable performance, particularly maintaining smooth and glitch-free displays even during high-frequency switches. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface design allows new users to swiftly adapt and operate the device.

Operational ConvenienceUsers of the AMS-VS200 controller often mention its straightforward interface and clear functional settings, enabling complex switching and adjustments with just a few clicks. This operational convenience allows users to focus more on content delivery rather than device operation itself.

Reliability and EfficiencyUsers are impressed by the reliability of the AMS-VS200. Whether handling multiple scene switches or extended operation, they experience efficient and stable performance. Additionally, the device's automatic storage function receives praise, eliminating worries about parameter loss due to power interruptions, saving considerable operation time.

Quality Assurance and ServiceUsers express appreciation for the post-sales service and quality assurance provided with the AMS-VS200. With reliable device quality and robust after-sales support, the company instills confidence in users, ensuring a reassuring and comfortable user experience.



Through our comprehensive exploration of the AMS-VS200 multifunctional video controller, we've gained insights into its outstanding performance and remarkable user experience. As a device offering comprehensive functionality, ease of operation, and utmost reliability, the AMS-VS200 not only provides users with efficient work experiences but also delivers exceptional audiovisual enjoyment. We firmly believe that the AMS-VS200 will continue to be the leading choice in the LED display industry, presenting users with superior visual spectacles.

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