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Pioneering LED Control: AMS-VS100 Unveiling Amoonsky's Technological Marvel
Release time:2023-11-25



The AMS-VS100, crafted by Amoonsky, embodies the pinnacle of innovation in LED video control systems. With an array of dynamic features, this cutting-edge controller is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with LED displays. Offering seamless integration, advanced video inputs, and unparalleled control capabilities, the AMS-VS100 heralds a new era in LED display management.

From its ability to flawlessly switch between multiple channels to its compatibility with diverse video formats, this device redefines versatility in managing LED displays. AMS-VS100 promises not only enhanced efficiency but also a user-friendly interface, making it a sought-after solution for industries ranging from entertainment to corporate arenas.

The AMS-VS100 stands out with its capability to handle multiple video inputs. Featuring 5 channels for video input, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV, and USB, it comprehensively caters to both civilian and industrial requirements. Seamless switching among all input channels facilitates uninterrupted video transitions, enhancing the user experience.Furthermore, this controller offers a broad spectrum of input options that accommodate various formats, ensuring compatibility with diverse devices and systems. Its ability to seamlessly switch between these inputs allows for smooth integration into different setups and environments.

Product features and functionalities:

Multiple Video Input -- VS100 series uses 5 channels of video input, including 1 composite video AV (CVBS), 1 channel VGA, 1 channel DVI, 1 channel HDMI, 1 channel USB. Basically, the needs for civil and industrial use have been covered. Seamless switching of all video input.

Video Output Interface -- VS100 series has 1 DVI video output,the port can videos programmed output to LED sending card or display. and has 2 or 4 RJ45 network port.The network port is depends on the customer's choice built-in 1or 2pcs MSD300/TS802D standard sending card.

Seamless Switching Of Any Channel -- VS100 series Video Controller can also seamlessly switch between any channels, switch quickly.

Output Resolution -- VS100 series has designed a number of practical output resolutions for users. The widest is 1920 points, the highest is 1080 points. Applicable to a variety of dot matrix displays. Up to 10 output resolutions are available for user selection and can be adjusted point-to-point output.

Support Audio Sync Output -- VS100 series has 1 channel audio output, audio and video synchronized output. 

One Key Black Or Freeze -- VS100 series has BLACK features, after setting, press the BLACK button directly to achieve black screen or screen freeze.

Key Lock Function -- VS100 series has key lock function,open Keypad lock , during use,can effectively prevent misuse and other situations,provides a favorable guarantee for the use of the process.

Mode Saved And Recalled -- VS100 series adopts 10 sets of user presets. Each set of user presets can store all user setting parameters, and can realize parameter backup and on-site calling functions <require to enter system menu enable>.

Unique Brightness Adjustment Technology -- VS100 series has a built-in unique brightness adjustment function, which solves the problem of loss of layering after reducing the brightness, making the color reproduction more realistic.

Real-time Storage Technology -- The ready-to-use technology solves the user's cumbersome setup and manual storage process, that is, the user does not need to perform manual save operation after adjusting or adjusting parameters. VS100 series automatically stores the user parameters in the EEPROM, even after the power is turned off, The previous parameters remain in the device.

ACC ACM Image Filtering -- VS100 series uses ACC and ACM image filtering engines. When processing each color, the nonlinear filtering effect minimizes image loss and restores color realism.

Multiple Scene Applications:

LED Display Screens: The AMS-VS100 LED video controller offers seamless integration with various LED display screens, ensuring a flawless presentation in diverse environments. Its adaptability extends to pixel-perfect content delivery across indoor and outdoor screens, delivering vivid imagery, and vibrant color rendition. With real-time control capabilities, it accommodates different screen sizes and resolutions, offering a customizable visual experience tailored to specific display requirements.

Event Showcases: The AMS-VS100 is a key player in event showcases, providing unparalleled control over multimedia displays. Its versatility allows seamless transitions between visuals, enabling immersive experiences during concerts, exhibitions, and corporate presentations. From live streaming to interactive elements, it enables synchronized audio-visual content delivery, captivating audiences with its rich, high-definition displays and dynamic visual effects.

Commercial Advertising Displays: Addressing the needs of commercial advertising boards, the AMS-VS100 delivers impactful visual content across diverse locations. Its intelligent management system effortlessly handles multiple content sources, ensuring synchronized playback and seamless switching between advertisements. With advanced scheduling capabilities, it orchestrates advertising campaigns in busy urban centers, shopping malls, and transportation hubs, enhancing brand visibility and audience engagement.


The AMS-VS100 LED video controller represents the cutting-edge convergence of versatility and performance in the multimedia domain. Its extensive array of functionalities, spanning from seamless signal transitions to an assortment of input/output interfaces, is designed to meet the diverse demands of today's dynamic multimedia landscape. By incorporating user-centric features such as key lock mechanisms and customizable preset modes, the AMS-VS100 ensures an intuitive and secure user experience.

This innovative device transcends traditional boundaries, catering not only to LED displays but also making a significant impact in event showcases, commercial advertising boards, and various multimedia environments. Its adaptability, reliability, and exceptional performance underscore its significance as a foundational tool in the realm of multimedia management.

The AMS-VS100 LED video controller stands as a testament to technological advancement, offering not just a product, but a solution that empowers users to unleash the full potential of their multimedia endeavors.


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