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Mini-DVI Extender: Enhancing Connectivity in Tech Environments
Release time:2023-11-27


In today's tech landscape, video transmission plays a pivotal role in device connectivity and information dissemination. The Mini-DVI Extender stands out as a much-noticed technology product for long-distance video transmission. It's a compact yet powerful device that efficiently extends video signals, offering an innovative solution to connectivity issues in the tech environment.

This Mini-DVI Extender shines brightly in the realm of technology, primarily due to its ability to effectively extend the distance of video signals. Beyond merely connecting devices, it can traverse long distances while flawlessly maintaining high definition and stability. This capability is crucial for scenarios requiring long-distance video transmission, such as in conference rooms, digital billboards, and remote monitoring systems. The Mini-DVI Extender operates based on signal extension technology, ensuring high-quality signal transmission through specialized transmission protocols and high-performance chipsets. This technology guarantees stable, clear, and interference-free video signal transmission even over long distances. In terms of technical specifications, the Mini-DVI Extender typically supports multiple video resolutions and boasts strong anti-interference capabilities, adapting well to various complex environments. Its flexible application across multiple scenarios within the tech industry introduces new possibilities for video transmission. The technical prowess and flexibility of the Mini-DVI Extender make it an ideal choice for connecting tech devices and extending video transmission distances. In the future of technological advancements, the Mini-DVI Extender will continue to play a vital role in enhancing connectivity and information transfer efficiency.


Product Features Overview:

Full Digital Transmission:

Utilizes advanced uncompressed digital transmission technology, ensuring high-quality and stable signal transmission.

Resolution Support and Compatibility: 

Compatible with DVI 1.0 standard, supporting a wide range of resolutions to meet diverse video transmission needs.


 Automatically recognizes and configures various display modes, optimizing user experience and compatibility.

 Color Depth and Pixel Clock:

 Supports a maximum color depth of 12 bits and a pixel clock of up to 225MHz, ensuring vivid and accurate color reproduction.

 Built-in Equalization and Retiming Functions:

 Incorporates automatic equalization and retiming functions, ensuring clear and stable picture quality during transmission.

 EDID Display Mode Memory Function:

 Automatically reads and remembers display modes, ensuring correct loading for consistent and reliable transmissions.

 Fiber Optic Transmission Technology:

 Employs advanced fiber optic transmission technology, offering either single-mode or multi-mode fiber transmission options, providing robust and high-capacity data transmission capabilities.

 Plug-and-Play and Industrial Adaptability:

 Features plug-and-play functionality, eliminating the need for software configuration. Suitable for extreme environments, including high and low-temperature industrial settings.

 Surface Mount Technology (SMT):

 Utilizes SMT for assembly, enhancing structural stability and reliability.

 Here is a detailed analysis of the AMS-DTR4L, AMS-DTR2L, and AMS-DTR1L models of DVI Optical Extenders, including their fiber optic transmission distance, supported resolutions, and applicable scenarios:


Fiber Optic Transmission Distance: This model supports multi-mode fiber optic transmission up to 500 meters.

Supported Resolutions: It facilitates resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60hz with a maximum bandwidth of 1.65Gbps.

Applicable Scenarios: Ideal for scenarios where moderate distances and standard to high-resolution transmissions are required. It suits setups like small to medium-sized conference rooms or basic surveillance systems.



Fiber Optic Transmission Distance: It supports multi-mode fiber optic transmission up to 500 meters and single-mode fiber optic transmission up to 2 kilometers.

Supported Resolutions: Provides resolutions of up to 1920x1080@60Hz.

Applicable Scenarios: Versatile in application due to its compatibility with various transmission distances. Suitable for larger conference rooms, educational environments, and moderate surveillance systems.



Fiber Optic Transmission Distance: This model supports single-mode fiber optic transmission up to 2 kilometers.

Supported Resolutions: It handles resolutions of up to 3840x2160@30Hz.


Multiple Application Scenarios:

Perfect for scenarios demanding high-resolution transmissions over longer distances. Ideal for medical image transmission, larger surveillance setups, and environments requiring ultra-high definition clarity.

These DVI Optical Extender models cater to different needs, varying from shorter distances with standard resolutions to longer distances with high-resolution requirements, providing flexible solutions across a range of scenarios.

The Mini-DVI Extender stands as a testament to versatility and adaptability in modern video transmission technology. Its manifold advantages pave the way for expansive applications across diverse industries and scenarios.

Seamless Integration in Multimedia Environments:Its compatibility with various display modes and resolutions makes it an ideal choice for multimedia environments, encompassing entertainment, education, and digital signage sectors.

Enhanced Visual Clarity in Medical Imaging:In medical imaging, where precision and clarity are paramount, the Mini-DVI Extender's high-resolution support ensures the accurate transmission of intricate medical visuals.

Reliable Surveillance Systems:Within surveillance systems, its ability to transmit high-quality video over considerable distances caters to the demand for efficient and dependable surveillance solutions. 

Industrial Adaptability:Its resilience in extreme environments, capable of withstanding varying temperatures and rugged conditions, positions it as a reliable asset in industrial settings.



The Mini-DVI Extender exemplifies the commitment of our company Amoonsky, to deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions. By aligning our products with the diverse needs of different industries, we strive to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical application.

Through continuous innovation and customer-centric approaches, our company endeavors to contribute significantly to the evolution and enhancement of video transmission technology.

This amalgamation of advanced technology and a commitment to adaptability underscores the profound connection between our company and the Mini-DVI Extender, positioning both as frontrunners in the realm of video transmission.

The Mini-DVI Extender, with its multifaceted capabilities and diverse applications, embodies our dedication to pioneering solutions that transcend boundaries and cater to the dynamic demands of modern industries.

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