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Integration of Two-in-One Products: Where Do Traditional LED Video Processor Manufacturers Stand
Release time:2023-11-28

"Lately, numerous LED control system manufacturers have been unveiling new products, causing quite a stir in the industry. The introduction of a three-in-one video processor, combining the functions of a sending card, video processor, and asynchronous playback into a single device, has left many enterprises unsettled. Beyond Linsn, it's been observed that several control system manufacturers like Nova,Colorlight, and Onbon, among others, have also introduced similar products. Undoubtedly, the launch of these products is a significant blow to traditional LED video processor manufacturers."

"The future has arrived, unstoppable. LED video processors, also known as picture processors, image converters, video controllers, image processing converters, video format converters, or independent video sources, play a pivotal role in the birth, growth, and maturity of full-color LED displays. They serve as the witness and essential equipment throughout this journey. The quality of LED video processors significantly impacts the display effects of LED screens. The integration of LED video processors with displays has immensely facilitated widespread user applications, enhancing the depth of LED screen utilization.

It's understood that the products introduced by LED control system manufacturers will seize a substantial share from traditional video processor manufacturers. For users, the advantage lies in not having to separately purchase sending cards and video processors; instead, they acquire a single unit that combines both functionalities. This not only offers pricing advantages but also brings significant post-purchase benefits. This is just the beginning; in the future, more control system manufacturers are expected to introduce such products. Some industry insiders predict that control system manufacturers will replace video processor manufacturers. For control system manufacturers, the allure of two-in-one or even three-in-one products lies in capturing more market share. However, for traditional LED video processor enterprises, their ability to thrive in this era of integration will test their wisdom and capabilities."

"Finding Opportunities Amidst Transformation

Faced with the formidable momentum of control system manufacturers, complementary enterprises within the LED display industry find themselves in a precarious situation, at risk of losing a portion of their market share. Industry experts suggest that this trend towards substitution is becoming inevitable. The two-in-one or even three-in-one products introduced by control system manufacturers amalgamate several functionalities, enabling better service provision to customers and cost-saving benefits. Consequently, traditional LED video processor manufacturers seem somewhat constrained. Some experts even predict that with the surge of integrated products, many traditional LED video processor manufacturers might face closure.

However, is reality truly this harsh? Some engineering firms find themselves in a dilemma, experiencing both contentment and concern. On one hand, there's a matter of habit; on the other, a reduction in revenue from engineering project quotations. Some firms express that such products aid in competing for clients. Nonetheless, all agree that this is an undeniable trend, albeit not an immediate one. For the majority, this product substitution revolution poses an unavoidable crisis.

In the long run, two-in-one products might indeed become a prevailing trend, yet it's worth noting that these products might not fully meet customer and market demands. As the pixel pitch of small-pitch LED displays decreases and screen resolutions increase, expanding the functionality and application domains of screens, there arise stricter demands on LED video processors. However, this product transformation may not significantly affect the high-end market segment.

Presently, two-in-one products are merely replacing some basic functionalities of large-screen processors. Thus, the current predicament faced by traditional video processor manufacturers is likely temporary. The solution lies in transitioning from their traditional business models and addressing issues such as product upgrades, financial pressures, and catering to personalized application scenarios.

Once equipped with robust system production capabilities, seamless integration abilities, and competitive pricing advantages, this shift may present an excellent opportunity for traditional video processor enterprises."

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